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We make investing safe and profitable. Invest with us in multi-family properties, build your portfolio, and generate a passive income while we manage it all.

Rivers Partners

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Rivers Partners is a real estate investment company that focuses on strong partnerships, integrity, and knowledge of real estate trends to make solid investments for and with our investors.

Carlos Rivers


Carlos Rivers is currently a Senior Client Advisor with Amazon Business. Carlos has 10+ years of experience in sales, business operations and management, and information technology. He holds degrees in International Business and Economics from Mercyhurst University, an MBA from Texas A&M University-Commerce, and a Business Analytics certification from Harvard Business School. Currently, his portfolio includes more than 250 apartment units in Texas and Oklahoma. Carlos lives in Rockwall, TX, with his wife Tatiana and their two young children.

Tatiana Chamorro


Tatiana is currently the owner-partner of Hite Digital Dallas, as well as the Vice President of Hite Creative. Tatiana resonated with Hite Digital’s mission to empower their growing team of 80+ professionals. Most recently she was awarded “Young Professional of The Year 2021” by the American Advertising Federation of Dallas. Tatiana lives in Rockwall, TX with her husband Carlos and their two young children.

Advisory Board

Gino Barbaro


Gino Barbaro is an investor, business owner, author and entrepreneur. He has grown his real estate portfolio to over 1,600 multifamily units. He is the co-founder of Jake &​ Gino, a multifamily real estate education company that offers coaching and training in real estate founded upon their proprietary framework of Buy Right, Manage Right &​ Finance Right.

He is the best-selling author of two books, Wheelbarrow Profits and Family, Food and the Friars, and graduated from IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) where he earned his designation as a Certified Professional Coach. He currently resides in St. Augustine, Florida with his wife Julia and their six children.

Jake Stenzano


Jake Stenziano is the best-selling author of Wheelbarrow Profits and co-founder of JakeandGino.com, the only multifamily real estate investment education company that teaches investors the three pillars of sound apartment investing: Buy Right, Manage Right, and Finance Right.

Jake is also the founder of Rand Property Management, the first property management company with a focus on “modern affordability.” As creator of the multi-media, multifamily investing framework, Wheelbarrow Profits, Jake is a leading expert on investing in the multifamily space and currently owns over 1,400 multifamily units.

Bill Ham


Bill is the owner/operator of Phoenix Residential Group and Phoenix Residential Management. He has been in the real estate business for 15 years and has created a portfolio of over 1,100 units while growing Phoenix Management to a team of 15 staff members. He has taught real estate for the past 6 years and has dozens of highly successful students. Bill uses his extensive real estate experience to teach his students the “real” side of real estate.

Why Us?

Passive Income

We do all the operational work: find the property, make repairs, find the tenants, etc, while you earn extra income.


We bring years of real estate experience and knowledge to our partnership and will advise you based on our expertise.

Focus on Multi-Family

We choose to focus on multi-family properties that can provide tax benefits, income, and the most value over time for you.


Join a network of investors just like you who can help each other find deals, invest wisely, and help the community.


Work with partners you trust: we believe in transparency and putting people first.

Lower Risk

Lower your risk and increase your return when you partner with us on carefully selected, strategic investments.

Our Portfolio

Chestnut Square/Center Place

- Closed August 2021
- $6.3M Purchase price
- Midwest City, OK
- 130 units
- Class C+ Value Add Asset
- Preferred Return 8%
- Projected IRR 17%
- Equity Multiple 2.10x
- Cash on Cash 13.5%
- Hold Period: 7 years

Fleet Wood Square

- Closed August 2021
- $7.35M Purchase price
- Waco, TX
- 120 units
- Class C+ Value Add Asset
- Preferred Return 8%
- Projected IRR 19.2%
- Equity Multiple 1.85x
- Cash on Cash 10.02%
- Hold Period: 5 years

Harvey Corners / 32-unit value-add apartment community

– Closed August 2022
– $2.8M Purchase price
– Oklahoma City, OK
– 32 units
– Class C+ Value Add Asset
– Preferred Return 8%
– Projected IRR of 18%
– Equity Multiple 2.24x
– Cash on Cash 12.51%
– Hold Period: 5-7 years

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